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Horizon™ Shades by B&W Window Fashions®

Natural bamboo woven shades are made from beautiful wood, rattan, jute, grass & reeds. Also called woven woods or matchstick blinds, these shades bring the beauty of nature indoors and provide insulation against summer's heat and winter's cold. These two factors combine to make this window covering a beautiful and practical choice, especially with energy costs rising as they are.

This site is dedicated to the Horizon Natural Shades Collection by B&W Window Fashions®. As both the fabricator and distributor they offer the finest quality custom made product at the best possible prices. Horizon Natural Shades are custom-built to order in Illinois, backed by a limited lifetime warranty and are available in 3 roman styles with over 43 unique patterns to choose from. A variety of product enhancements are available to further customize your window treatments.

Available Styles

Classic Roman Shades
Classic Roman Fold Shade
Simple and elegant, the Roman Fold is our most popular style. The shade lays off the back of the headrail and raises in soft folds. When lowered completely, the material hangs flat. A 6-inch Classic Valance hangs off the front of the headrail concealing the hardware.

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SoftRoman Shades
SoftRoman (Hobbled) Shade
B&W has applied the beautiful concept of a hobbled shade to a natural shade. This shade keeps its elegant Roman folds even when lowered. A 6-inch Classic Valance hangs off the front of the headrail concealing the shade's hardware.

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Old-Style Roman Shades
Old-Style (Waterfall) Roman
A variation of the Classic Roman, the Old-Style Roman has no valance. Instead, the shade material hangs from the front of the headrail and conceals the shade's hardware.

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Optional Upgrades

UpRight Clutch Lift
UpRight Clutch Lift
The cord loop makes it easy to raise and lower larger shades. The continuous chain eliminates dangling cords. Shades utilizing the UpRight Lift System are supplied with a cord/chain tie down that eliminates the loop's hazards.

Not available with the Waterfall or Duo-Fold Roman Shades.
Contempo Cornice
Contempo Cornice
The Contempo Cornice is a stylish alternative to the standard valance. When a Contempo Cornice is ordered with a shade it is already attached to the shade's headrail and requires no additional installation.

Contempo Cornice Example
Edge Accents
Edge Accents
A 2" wide strip of fabric laminated to the top, bottom and both sides of the shade and valance. Edge Accents are applied to the front of the shade only.

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Privacy or Blackout Liner
Quality Roclon® lining is used on all lined shades - and all feature a neutral appearance to the outside.
  • Available in 7 colors, the workroom will decide the best match.
  • Lining is available on all Horizons Roman-Style Natural Shades and the Averte Natural Fold.

Compatible Products

Averte Natural Fold
Averte Natural Fold
Combining Averte Natural Fold and Horizons Romans shades in the same room gives perfect coordination! The Averte Natural Fold glides effortlessly on a heavy duty tech track. There are no cords to break or get tangled up in. There's also no complicated parts to break.

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Bamboo Sliding Panels
Sliding Panels
Elance is B&W's own unique sliding panel track system. They have become the fashionable new way to over large windows and patio doors. Running the patterns vertically gives Elance unmatched stability and beauty.

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