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Mylar Shades: Transparent Solar Shades

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Mylar Shades are made from three layers of very thin sheets of mylar (each a different color) pressed together to form a single sheet that reflects solar heat, is durable and transparent. The first color is the color facing in, the second color is the middle piece of mylar and the third color faces the street side. Of the five colors we offer two have a silver backing for greater solar and UV protection, the colors are bronze-silver and gray-silver.

Commercial and Residential Benefits:
  • You can reduce glare creating a more relaxed working environment and at the same time you can repel up to 63% of the sun's infrared heat while filtering out harmful UV rays. In the winter you can retain up to 27% of the sun's infrared heat thereby improving the efficiency of whatever method you use generate heat.
  • With transparent mylar solar shades you can maintain daytime privacy, maintain your full view outside while at the same time reducing glare in the work area that causes eye strain, fatigue and loss of productivity.
  • The spring roller or spring tension device is standard but you can upgrade to the continuous looping cord clutch lift system for no additional charge.

We are proud to offer B&W Manufacturing's newest addition to their high quality line of window coverings - Siesta™ Mylar Solar Roller Shades allow you to cut the glare, protect your furniture, and keep the view.

Tame the sun
With Mylar Roller Shades and particularly colors with silver on the street side, you can reflect 63% of the sun's infrared heat outside while 27% is absorbed into the shade which results in a 90% overall heat reduction.

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We covered half of this window with mylar and kept the other side uncovered. You can see for yourself that the right side repels infrared heat, provides greater UV protection and preserves the view out while the left side does none of the above.

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The chart on the left illustrates how much of the sun's heat is kept out of your house when mylar window shades are installed. Colors with a silver backing (street side) repel more infrared heat, filter less natural light and provide a greater degree of daytime privacy.

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Due to variances among color monitors the colors that appear on your screen may not be exact. We do not offer refunds or exchanges for color related complaints unless samples were requested before the order was placed and so if exact color matching is important, you must take advantage of our swatch sample program or order the sample from our vendor (details above). Read our Color Disclaimer for additional information.
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